Monthly Archives: September 2009

The times, they are a changin’

This afternoon I drove past a drugstore that advertised one hour photo. My second grade son read the sign and asked me why they would put that on the building. I explained the concept of having your photos developed in ONLY one hour. His response was, “but that’s a long time.” As I explained that it used to take a week and that one hour used to be fast, I was reminded that I am from a different generation. I don’t guess they’ll put that message on buildings much longer. He received a different message than I did from that sign. In my day we didn’t have printers in our homes and we didn’t know any better. He doesn’t know the feeling of picking a package of prints and not knowing what was on the roll. Those were good times, too.

Mobile Surfing

After I posted in cyberspace  that I figured out the laptop to cellular connection via bluetooth, I had several inquiries about how I made that happen. So as I sit in the elementary school pickup line, I am writing and posting this on my blog using that connection.

An important word of caution came from a friend who suggested that I double check with my cellular company to verify that my cellular plan covered these these data transfers. I was told this can get expensive quickly if you’re not covered. So, I’ll pass that word of caution along. Check in before surfing.

You have to have a laptop that does bluetooth and a cell phone that does bluetooth. Set them up to discover each other (references later). If you don’t have bluetooth, you can likely get a usb cable that will allow the connection. The webpage I used to get my laptop to talk with my phone was this one. I had to use the instructions here to make a few tweaks to the network settings.

My basic connection steps now are, 1) untether the phone by dialing a code 2) Sync the laptop with the phone via bluetooth, 3) choose the bluetooth network connection 4) surf 5) re-set the network to wireless lan 6) re-tether the phone.

Now I can work in airports, starbucks, mcdonalds and fancy shmancy hotels that  sell wi-fi without purchasing wi-fi. Happy surfing.