Autumn Bike Ride

I just finished a solo bike ride through the hills near our home in the country south of Nashville and west of Franklin, Tennessee. We live in an incredibly beautiful place!

My ride only lasted forty minutes, but this time of year, it gets dark so quickly that it felt like I left in the middle of the afternoon and returned after dusk.

The leaves were red, orange, brown, a little green and a lot of yellow. I was serenaded by a chorus of crickets and enjoyed the sounds of river rapids along a short stretch of the West Harpeth River. The animals were out today, I passed redbirds, chipmunks, squirrels, dogs, sheep, a donkey (not me), cows and horsesl. I saw no deer or wild turkeys. I waved at several walkers and runners–we commented on the hills as we passed each other. I also passed a recording studio owner who was out for a horseback ride (welcome to Music City.)  I tossed out silent prayers on behalf of several friends and neighbors who I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately as I rode past their homes.

One of my favorite parts of my route is near the end of the trek, when I ride past a natural labyrinth landscaped into the backyard of a prayerful neighbor. We’ve talked to her once or twice over the fence, but I always enjoy passing her little sanctuary. I can’t help but think that the world is just a little more peaceful because of the quiet prayers prayed in her backyard chapel. I’d like to have a space like that one day.

It was a beautiful day for some outdoor exercise. Maybe I’ll take my camera out tomorrow.

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