Reporting for duty…

I’m now a blogger… this is my first test post on my new blog.

I’m open to your suggestions about what you’d like to hear my thoughts about. I’ve got my own list that I’ll start knocking down, but if you’ve got something you want to read my thoughts on… I’ll certainly entertain your suggestions.

I’m looking forward to writing about several things: parenting, nurturing, priorities, observations, youth ministry, music, audio, social networking on the web, computing, working in a family business and tech related stuff.

More than you probably want to know: I’m ramping this up because I found a wordpress plugin called “The Hive” that runs multiple blogs on a single hosted WordPress installation. I had a couple of bumps in the setup process, but the fine folks at (our hosting company), got right on it.

2 Responses to “Reporting for duty…”


    I really like to hear about shapes, colors, and sounds. Most people don’t want to talk about those things. But I think they are important.

    Anyway, goodluck!


  2. allysong says:

    I love to read blogs from people I know and respect! Bring on the thoughts

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