Using Google Reader

I am now using Google Reader to keep up with content on the web. I found that I was working to visit a few/several sites onĀ  a regular basis and having some difficulty keeping up with what I’ve read.

The service is free. You just sign up at: – If you have a google account, you can sign in under your existing username/password.

To begin adding content, anywhere you see the RSS (really simple syndication) icon click on it and the feed url (webpage address) will be listed in your browser address field. Highlight the address and paste it into the “add subscription” field on google reader and you are done. Visit google reader as often as you like, whenever it’s convenient for you. New information will be there along with links to the original blogs.

Also, I’ve removed the rss feed from my blog to Facebook. First, I found that it fails sometimes. More importantly, If I’m going to spend time generating content for reflection or conversation, I’d like to be able to maintain the conversation. Hosting it on the blog will make it more permanent and gives me the ability to censor comments or save. Thanks for jumping in here.

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